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Founders Clinic Season 2

Founders clinic is a podcast series hosted by Andy Ayim and Nana Perry. Their mission is to find a way to help entrepreneurs in a more scalable way, hoping this podcast reaches as many business builders as possible.

In season 2, they’re talking to Venture Capital firms and Angel Investors to demystify the funding landscape and draw parallels between the journey of founders and investors.

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Founders Clinic Season 1

Founders Clinic is a new series by Andy Ayim and Nana Parry, where exciting underrepresented entrepreneurs openly discuss their company, opportunities within their market and their business growth challenges. We hope some of these insights help you wherever you are in your journey.

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Take Flight Podcast

We are back with another blockbuster interview episode, this time with Andy Ayim, MBE. Andy is the founder of Angel Investing School, helping to get more women and people of color investing in start ups. Andy is also an Angel investor himself, a former MD of Backstage Capital, a co-founder of Mixtape Madness and has served on multiple advisory boards. Andy has been voted as a top 10 BAME leader in Tech by the Financial Times, and also recognized by the Royal Family in 2021 after being awarded an MBE for his contribution to diversity and technology in the UK. We discuss Andy's journey from Tottenham to Angel investing, the tech scene future and all the lessons in between.

Black Girl Finance

Angel investing (investing in startups) with Andy Ayim MBE

This week we are joined by the genius tech, start up investor and founder of Angel Investing School Andy Ayim to talk all about his career and how he got into tech and angel investing which lead him to eventually found his business the Angel Investing School. Which teaches people from underrepresented backgrounds how to invest in startups.

Money Moves with Toni Tone

7. The Art of Setting Money Making goals feat. Andy Ayi‪m‬.

Angel Investor Andy Ayim joins Toni to talk about the art of investing in yourself and your future by setting small achievable goals. He shares his story about growing up and rebelling both against his own upbringing of money scarcity and his peer’s choices to go after fast money. Andy found his own path to a healthy money mindset that includes managed risk, adventure and balance. Toni shares her own experience making difficult choices on how to grow her social media following.

Wealth8 Spotlight

Andy Ayim MBE is the Founder of The Angel Investing School, which trains professionals from all backgrounds to become effective angel investors for startups. He also runs a Product Consultancy, where he consults organisations on how to build Product teams that work with agility to create products customers love using his Product Playbooks. In this episode, he discusses his journey to date, principles of effective time management, his predictions on the future of the UK's investment ecosystem, and his approach to managing his finances.

Station F: The Podcast

Angel Investing, VC, and Scout Programs: How to teach investing?
With the development of investment vehicles and financial instruments like syndicates and rolling funds, investing has become more access in recent years to d wider non-VC and non-finance audience, especially in early-stage. 

This episodes dives into the topic with three ecosystem friends that run angel investing, VC, and scout programs.

Black Millennial Money

This week we are with prolific angel investor Andy Ayim talking about how you can attract angel investors to your startup or business. We discuss the ups, downs and all the things you should consider before taking the cash!

Found Podcast

Backstage invests in startup founders who identify as a Woman, Person of Color, and/or LGBTQ. We believe these founders are underestimated, and have the most potential for unlocking innovation and creating valuable businesses. Here we talking to MD of Backstage London and discuss the journey and the mission of a programme like Backstage Capital.

Unfiltered and Product Management

In this weeks episode we chat with Andy Ayim, Product Manager , Investor and Managing Director at BackStage London. Andy Ayim is a product leader and business builder. He is currently the Managing Director of Backstage London, which invests $100K and supports women, people of colour and/or LGBT founders. Prior to Backstage, Andy has worked in a range of product roles in companies such as WorldFirst, acquired by Ant Financial for $700m. He is passionate about creating pathways into tech and upskilling people from low income backgrounds. He serves on the Boards of YSYS, Flipside and Mixtape Madness, a startup he cofounded with his brothers and friends. In 2018, Andy was named in the FT as one of the top 10 most influential BAME tech leaders in the UK.

Unfiltered and Investments

In this weeks episode we continue our chat with Andy Ayim, Product Manager , Investor and Managing Director at BackStage London. We chat about Investments for Entrepreneurs, understanding VC's and the different options for financing your business.

Everyday Startups

Underestimated Founders with Backstage Capital - In 2017, out of the $84 Billion in Venture Capital handed out to startups globally, only 2% went to women, 1% went to black founders, and 0.2% went to black women.Backstage Capital developed out of a belief that this is not only unfair but a wasted business opportunity. So beginning in LA in 2015, then Detroit and Philadelphia more recently, Backstage began investing in startup founders who identify as Women, Person of Colour, and/or LGBTQ. Now, Backstage has arrived in London with Anisah Osman Britton and Andy Ayim leading the UK accelerator program.

Ends 2 Excellence

In this episode Rahman (@RahmsMusti) sits down with Andy Ayim (@AndysHVC) the Managing Director of Backstage London discussing his journey into the Tech Industry and the experiences he gained backpacking through South America.


Feed Your Curiosity feat. Andy Ayim - In this first episode of Why Not Lead?, Kike Oniwinde (Founder & CEO of BYP Network) sits down with Andy Ayim (Managing Director of Backstage Capital London). From his hikes on the Inca trails, to his affinity with Tottenham, Andy defines his curiosity as his greatest motivation in life.

The Business of Meaning Podcast

#13: Andy Ayim - Investing in Diversity. Andy Ayim is an author, investor and product lead. He's formerly the managing director of Backstage Capital London which invests $100,000 to support women, people of colour, and/or LGBT people. Prior to Backstage, Andy has worked in a range of product roles in companies such as World First which was acquired by Ant Financial for $700 million.

He's really passionate about creating pathways into tech and upscaling people from low-income backgrounds. He serves currently on the board of YSYS, Flipside and Mixtape Madness, a startup that he co-founded with his brothers and friends. And in 2018, Andy received the accolade of being named as one of the FT’s Top 10 Most Influential BAME Tech Leaders in the UK. Listen to his chat with Sanjay Parekh.