Hi, I’m Andy and I operate at the intersection of Product x Culture x Startups. I share stories about founders and investors from diverse backgrounds from Nas to Kirsten Green.

I’m a London based Product Manager and startup advisor, who started off in a career in Management Consulting. Through Consulting, I traveled to over 40 countries in 5 years allowing me to experience working with Corporates, Startups and VC’s. This experience provided me with a diversity of thought but also exposed me to the ‘mirrortocracy’ rather than meritocracy at work.

Do you feel like you can bring your whole self to work? I value that I can bring my authentic self to work and not compromise who I am or what I value!

I previously founded Mixtape Madness, a music discovery and streaming platform with over half a billion streams to date. One of the biggest challenges for an entrepreneur is accessing funding at the start of their journey. I provide differentiated deal flow from early-stage investors to female and minority-led startups. If any aspiring entrepreneurs or early stage investors are interested in this, please contact me here. Otherwise you can subscribe to my newsletter below to keep up to date on the stories I share.

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