Hi, I’m Andy and I believe our workforce needs to be normalised to reflect wider society.

My goal is to create pathways for exceptional people from lower income communities to succeed in tech. I believe founders and investors from low income communities are undervalued.

I realised more than ever that I need to focus more and more on mission-aligned work:

1. Helping founders from low-income communities grow and scale startups (capital, network, recruiting, customer intros).

2. Increasing participation from people from low-income communities to invest in tech startups. Especially black British angel investors.

I empathise and understand this audience deeply as well as the privilege in the network I continue to develop in VCs and startups at the core of it, this is about wealth redistribution leading to generational wealth and legacy.

I currently help black and brown founders raise funding from angel investors alongside consulting and helping VCs create more inclusive environments and find more diverse talent from low income communities. I also do contracting as a Product Manager in various organisations as part of my career portfolio.

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